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Tubular Heaters

Prominent & Leading Exporter from Hyderabad, we offer single-pass tubular heater, finned tubular heaters, two-pass construction tubular heaters and tubular heaters.

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Single-Pass Tubular Heater offered come with maximum sheath temperature of 620°c and maximum watt density of up to 25 w/in². With choice of moisture resistant terminal enclosure option, these tubular heaters come casted in aluminum metal which makes these provide for broad surface coverage as well as meet the demands of uniform heating. We can also offer these in customized construction options in terms of recommended watt densities, corrosion guide, sheath temperature limitations and other parameters. Some of the applications these are used in include in Plastic industries, for high vacuum applications, for baking, for curing of plants enamels. These can also be factory formed even to small bends of one element tube diameter.



  • Maximum Sheath Temperature: 620°C.
  • Watt density : Max up to 25 w/in²
  • Heating element in Copper (nickel plated), SS304, SS316, SS316L, Incoloy, and Lead/Teflon Coated Sheath Materials.
  • Moisture resistant/explosion resistant terminal enclosure option.
  • Tubular heaters can be factory formed to practically any shape, sometimes to bends as small as one element tube diameter.
  • Magnesium Oxide, MATRUSREE uses only 96% pure MgO, the highest grade available for electric heating elements.
  • Tubular Heating elements may be Bracket Mounted, clamped, Thread Nipple fitted, Flanged, casted into metals, Fitted with terminal box or spaced away from the work as radiant heaters. Elements can also be positioned in ducts or vessels for heating air or other gases.
  • Tubular Heaters can be Finned. see Finned tubular heaters.
  • Available in 0.318" (8.1mm), 0.430" (11mm), 0.551" (14mm), 0.625" (15.8mm), 0.669" (17mm), 0.748" (19mm) element diameter.
  • Several wattage and voltage combinations are available.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent internal electrical insulation and heat conduction.
  • Electrically isolated sheath.


The cutaway view of a typical MATRUSREE’s tubular Heating element shows its basic construction. A coil of the highest-grade resistance Wire (80% nickel, 20% chromium) is precisely centered in a heavy gauge metal tube while the tube is filled with granular magnesium oxide powder. Terminal pins are Screwed / welded or silver soldered to the resistance coil at each end to provide an unheated length near the terminals and to secure the coil in the magnesium oxide. Through Swaging, the diameter of this assembly is reduced and the magnesium oxide compacted, insuring rapid heat transfer from the coil to the sheath, as well as high dielectric strength. After compaction, the element is processed in one of three Ways:

  • Straight length elements are sealed and appropriate terminals applied.
  • Formed elements are annealed and bent before they are Sealed and terminated.
  • Finned elements are wound with a helical fin before they are sealed and terminated.


  • In Plastic industries, domestic applications, high vacuum applications
  • Suitable for efficient baking.
  • Curing of plants enamels, lacquers and adhesives.
  • Tubular heaters are cast into aluminum for broad surface coverage and uniform heating application requirements
  • Please refer to general application guidelines, recommended watt densities, sheath temperature limitations, corrosion guide, and other engineering data to assist you with product selection.

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Finned Tubular Heaters elements are of the type where the surface area is enlarged by a strip in order to heat gases. At high power the surface temperature is small and the heating element is short. MATRUSREE’s Finned Tubular Heaters are manufactured with the same rugged construction as the standard Tubular Heaters except a Mild Steel Electroplated or a corrugated 304 Stainless Steel Fin is helically wound on Heater Tube diameter (304 stainless steel) element. To insure a permanent bond, each end of the fin is fully brazed to the Heater sheath, for optimum heat dissipation and efficiency, as Brazed fins transfer heat at about double the efficiency of unbrazed designs. These heaters are ideal for heating air and select gases in forced and natural convection applications.


  • Possible Tube & Fin diameters: Heater OD: 8.2 mm 11.2 mm and Fin OD: 28 mm 30 mm
  • Stainless Steel (Fin) sheath models are suitable for operating temperatures to 425 °C.
  • Mild Steel (Fin) sheath (Electro plated) models are suitable for operating temperatures to 300 °C.
  • Watt density: Max up to 35 w/in²
  • High Temperature grade magnesium oxide insulation imbeds the resistance wire coil for optimum heat transfer & Dielectric Strength.
  • Mounting fitting available with Standard Bracket or Threaded Nipple arrangement.( Standard and custom options available)
  • Several wattage and voltage combinations are available.


  • Designed for rapid and uniform heat transfer for forced air heating.
  • Temperature boosting.
  • Channel air heaters for air conditioning and drying apparatus.
  • Industrial Ovens and Cabinets.
  • Duct Heater Assemblies.
  • Resistive Load Banks.

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We offer the Two-Pass Construction Tubular Heaters to our client. For applications requiring both terminations at the same end, either a U-bent or a two-pass element may be used. Two-pass elements, as shown in the cutaway view, have a U-bent coil inside the sheath and two leads or terminals at one end. Welding or silver soldering seals the opposite end. These elements are available in straight lengths, either finned or unfinned. They can be permanently mounted with a variety of factory-furnished mounting methods. By contrast, standard elements in straight lengths must have a flexible electrical connection at one end to allow for thermal expansion.


  • Capable of withstanding much higher operating temperatures than conventional tubular heaters.
  • Avaliable in (15.8 mm), 0.669" (17 mm), 0.748" (19 mm) element diameter.
  • Can be immersed in liquids, for Liquid Heating Applications. Two-Pass Heating Elements can be finned.
  • Several wattage and voltage combinations are available.


  • Inserted in machined holes to heat dies and platens
  • Multi zone heating
  • High temperature furnaces
  • Simulated fuel elements for nuclear reactors
  • Pressurizer heaters
  • Dry out heaters in large generators

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Tubular Heaters offered can be offered by us in different choices including casted tubular heaters, duct heaters, finned tubular heaters and others as preferred and demanded by the customers. Featuring quality construction standards and providing for durable usage, these heaters find suitability for different industries. Some of the parameters these heaters can be provided in include different tube diameters, tube sheath materials for high temperature application like SS304, SS316, SS316L and others. Tubular heaters are used in different industries as per their features and specifications. Different tube diameters and different tube Sheath materials are available. Heating of air requires an oxidized tube surface. Further, the choice of different rating options and termination options make these suitable for industrial, commercial and scientific applications.  The large variety of ratings, sizes, materials and terminations makes the tubular heater useful for many industrial, commercial and scientific applications. If the resistance and the surface load are not exceeded, it can endure all wattages and voltages are possible.

Specifications: We offer a variety of basic types of tubular heaters:

  • Tubular heaters
  • Custom built heating elements
  • Casted tubular heaters
  • Duct heaters
  • Finned tubular heaters

The most common type of Sheath Materials that is used for high temperature application is:

  • SS304
  • SS316
  • SS316L

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